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The nannynou vision - aupair paris

It is our experience as the parents of young children that lead us to create Nannynou, we felt that total immersion in the language is the best way for children to learn English. There is the added benefit for the children, to learn in their own home, a place where they feel really comfortable. They can learn without even really realising and in a fun, non-classroom environment. By using English in everyday situations, the children learn to use the language like a native speaker. Being fluent in a second language is the best present you can bring to a child.


For our nannies, we are very proud to provide a chance to work abroad and live in central Paris. Working in a different country is a great personal and professional experience. On top of that, you get the chance to experience the children blossom into little adults, and their English improving day by day. It is a great feeling to know that you will have contributed to the children’s future and development!  


So what are you waiting for, APPLY NOW!

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